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Albany Kitchens use carefully selected brands providing only the finest high-quality kitchen designs.

Precise Hand Built Kitchens

It isn’t just kitchen manufacturers who describe the kitchen as the most important room in the house. A common argument – “your kitchen says more about you than any other space in your home” springs to mind.

It’s the place for meal preparation and dining, and where subsequently families gather to spend quality time together.

So perhaps it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing to invest in a high-quality kitchen. Therefore, as the nucleus of your living space, hand-built kitchens are something to be proud of. They are what many people dream of.

For over 26 years, Albany Kitchens has been helping its customers in the Hertfordshire area to realise those dreams. Our family-run business is made up of experienced designers and skilled craftsmen. Our aim is to work with our customers to create the hand-built kitchens they’ve always wanted.

Traditional hand-craftsmanship and a love of detail are the passions that drive us to make your kitchen a masterpiece. We create a superior quality kitchen exclusively for you, one that reflects your own personal lifestyle.

Winning Combination

Albany Kitchens are proud to work closely with some of the best kitchen manufacturers and suppliers from around the world. These companies have decades of experience in the supply of premium quality kitchens. Our own dedicated craftsmen work with high-quality materials for a winning combination.

Two prestigious German brands that supply us are Alno and Warendorf. Both companies have an enviable reputation within the field of high-quality kitchen design and manufacture.

Alno Kitchens

Kitchen Manufacturers - Alno


Made for life. Life is lived in the kitchen. This is where it all comes together. Our kitchens are more than a place to cook – and more than their four walls and their floor space. They are a space for everything and everyone. They are somewhere to work, indulge, talk, relax and party. A place for me, a place for us. The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. Made for life.

German-made kitchens have been a popular choice for many years. Alno was at the forefront of this trend for high-quality kitchen design way back in 1969. In particular, the company’s passion for first-rate materials and technical precision is key to the high standard of their kitchens.

Alno carefully checks a kitchen at every stage in the creation. Testing of Materials, hinges and fittings for durability and an abrasion test ensures the quality of surfaces. Alno – committed to innovation, combining the latest technology with contemporary design.

Warendorf Kitchens

Hand Built Kitchen Manufacturers - Warendorf

A masterpiece – Our promise. Since 1973, we have closely followed our founding philosophy to become even better. It is the reason and the justification for our constant pursuit of perfection, through innovative processes that combine traditional artisan craftsmanship with industrial precision. All this is as a rule so we can meet your expectations – and exceed them.

This prestigious manufacturer became established in Germany in 1973. The aim of its founders was to treat the kitchen as a complete entity, combining high-quality appliances with designed furniture. The firm later named after the town of Warendorf, where the company has its roots. The company’s promise is for a perfect product that is guaranteed to last.

Warendorf has won numerous awards for its designs, which are matched only by its commitment to quality. State-of-the-art manufacturing technology is combined with skilled craftsmanship to provide units that fit perfectly.

Albany Kitchens

The dream for most people is a kitchen that will look beautiful and last for years. The team here at Albany Kitchens is here to help. A visit to our showroom will give you a good idea of what can be achieved. We can then guide you through the process of designing your dream and making it a reality. Once we understand your vision, our skilled craftsmen will use only the very best materials to bring it to life. Above all, the customer is the most important part of the equation, and we’re only happy when you are. Please feel free to visit our showroom, or contact us for advice or more information.

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