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At Albany Kitchens, we take pride in showcasing renowned brands like Ashley Ann Kitchens, who are committed to excellence and innovation, which is why we are proud to announce them as one of our newest suppliers. Ashley Ann is in the heart of Scotland, there kitchens embody a rich tapestry of tradition, family values, and timeless craftsmanship. Since Ashley Ann was established over 35 years ago, they have remained steadfast in its commitment to crafting kitchens that stand as a testament to Scottish heritage and ingenuity.

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Explore All Kitchen Styles Ashley Ann Has To Offer

Ashley Ann offers a wide range of styles, from the rustic charm of country (Caledonian) kitchens to the sleek sophistication of handleless designs. Each has a unique blend of craftsmanship, heritage, and contemporary flair. Whether you’re drawn to classic aesthetics or crave cutting-edge design, Ashley Ann offers something for every taste and lifestyle.

Styles Available:

  • Country (Caledonian): Step into the warmth and charm of rural Scotland with our Caledonian kitchens. Each kitchen reflects the essence of Scottish countryside living, blending rustic aesthetics with modern functionality for a truly inviting space.
  • Traditional: Experience the elegance of centuries-old design principles reimagined for the modern home. Ashley Ann’s traditional kitchens exude sophistication and grace, offering a timeless backdrop for culinary adventures and family gatherings.
  • Modern & Industrial (Fusion): Explore the cutting-edge kitchen design with Ashley Ann’s fusion kitchens. Combining sleek, contemporary aesthetics with industrial-inspired accents, these kitchens are a celebration of innovation and style.
  • Hand-Painted: Add a personal touch to your kitchen with our hand-painted designs. From subtle hues to bold strokes, each kitchen is a canvas for self-expression, reflecting your unique personality and taste.
  • Handleless: Elevate your space with the seamless elegance of handleless kitchens. Clean lines and minimalist design create a sense of openness and sophistication, perfect for modern living.


Craft Your Dream Kitchen Today with Albany Kitchens: With the Perfect Blend of Tradition and Innovation

At Albany Kitchens, we proudly showcase Ashley Ann’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Explore our recent projects, which feature Ashley Ann kitchens, and experience the perfect blend of Scottish heritage and contemporary design. From timeless classics to cutting-edge creations, let Ashley Ann transform your kitchen into a space that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and explore the full range of kitchens tailored to your unique style and needs.

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