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All residents and homeowners can benefit from Albany Kitchens’ expertise in providing high-quality bespoke kitchens in Hertford. Kitchen furniture and equipment are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes through our Hertford bespoke kitchen planning and installation service. You will find a wide variety of elegant, high-quality kitchens at our showroom in Bishop’s Stortford.

Designing Kitchens Around Your Needs

When it comes to designing luxury kitchens, we treat each project differently. Our team have many years of experience in designing kitchens and will be able to offer the best advice when it comes to full kitchen solutions. We will guide you through the best elements ant latest technologies to suit your taste and budget, as well as all the required procedures, paperwork and planning.


Often, our clients choose each component independently when designing high-quality kitchens in Hertford, but some like to combine them. In addition to offering solutions and ideas, our showroom consultants have experience designing many types of kitchens. You can trust us to take care of all your paperwork and preparations, as well as give you advice on the final details to meet your budget and expectations.

Latest Kitchen Trends & Styles

In terms of aesthetics, our modern kitchens tat are available in Hertford are unparalleled. There are a variety of ways we differentiate ourselves from our competition when it comes to the kitchens we supply. Regardless of the size of the kitchen, we ensure that it is both functional and stylish, to ensure the best return on your investment, we build each kitchen with the highest degree of quality.

Wide Range of Kitchens & Furniture

Providing high-quality kitchens is our specialty as a local kitchen design company. Adding new kitchen items and smart technologies can transform your old kitchen into a future-ready work of art. Or, if you’re looking for furniture to add the perfect finishing touch, we have plenty of styles available that serve multiple purposes. No matter what, we work with you to create your vision.

Worktop Options

We can design bespoke kitchens in Hertford using natural, synthetic, and modified materials. Just tell us what kind of design or material you are looking for, and we will find it for you. Quartz, wood, laminate, and granite are just some of the materials that we have available in a variety of styles and colours.

Brands we work with

At our Hertford showroom, you can see the wares of a number of manufacturers as well. We use premium brands like Miele and Warendorf in our kitchens. Our furniture selection includes well-known brands like Rempp, Neff, Siemens, and Caladonian. Discover the products and services each company offers in our showroom.

High-quality Appliances

You’ll find the latest innovations in kitchen technology on our site, whether you’re looking for an economical appliance or a brand-new design. There are a variety of brands that we work with, including Miele, Blanco, and Roux. You can have your appliances designed and installed by us according to your specifications. Check out our appliance selection in store or contact us if you have any questions.

Start your Journey

We offer tailored solutions for each home and kitchen based on its unique characteristics. Come to our Hertford showroom today to let us help you create the kitchen of your dreams.


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