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Stunning Kitchen Interior – AlniStar Satina

This particular customer wanted to keep the kitchen interior a plain colour due to it being in the lower part of the house leading out to the garden. However they wanted a finish that would be durable with a high-quality finish to it, so we suggested to them having a glass kitchen. It’s incredibly durable due to being toughened glass making it hard to scratch. We guided them to the ALNOSTAR SATINA, which is a Matt Glass finish allowing the customer to keep the clean and plain look to the room while maintaining high durability, plus with it being a matt glass it wouldn’t show up finger or smudge marks on the doors.

The ceiling had a bulkhead built to be slightly larger than the island to make a feature of the room, this was also housing the extractor that was ducted outside for ventilation. The island was also used to have the customer’s table butted up against it, therefore, giving the family somewhere to be in the kitchen whilst someone was cooking.


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